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"I am Dracula, lord of darkness, master of the vampire, prince of the undead, RULER OF THE DAMNED!"

Count Dracula was one of the oldest and certainly the most dangerous Vampire of all time. Believed by many including Van Helsing and Father Sandor to be the first Vampire, Dracula was truly a cruel, evil, and sadistic monster who enjoyed torturing and murdering everyone in his sight from villagers to his enemies, to even his own brides and servants. Dracula was destroyed many times only to be resurrected by his minions in order to cause more havoc. Dracula's greatest enemy of all time was Dr Van Helsing.

Fictional Character Biography[]

Dracula's origins were unclear. He was believed by many to be the first Vampire and therefore the creator of their race. Van Helsing frequently referred to hm as the "Arch Vampire" while Father Sandor also called him the "fountain head" of vampirism. Dracula's exact age was also unclear, while Van Helsing believed him to be close to six hundred years old, that was never confirmed. Father Sandor also stated that before the first time that Van Helsing killed Dracula, Dracula had imposed a reign of terror over the town of Klausenberg for over a century and that there were many attempts to destroy him during that time all of which had failed, with Dracula's would be killers either ending up dead or becoming Dracula's new servants. While Dracula had ruled the town of Klausenberg for 100 years before the first time Van Helsing destroyed him, it was unknown if that death at Van Helsing's hands was the first time that Dracula had been destroyed.

Reign of Terror and First Destruction[]

Dracula had ruled the town of Klausenberg for over 100 years. After Dracula had ventured into the town at night and brutally killed the young women of the village, as well as transformed some into Vampires, though even those he made into vampires he often killed or cast them aside once he had tired of them. All of the village lived in fear of Dracula, and many attempted to destroy him. Unfortunately, those attempts had all failed as not many people had enough knowledge of vampires to know how to harm Dracula. Eventually, however, someone who did have vast knowledge and experience of the ways of the vampire arrived in Klausenberg in order to destroy Dracula, Lawrence Van Helsing. Van Helsing had been a vampire hunter for many years and had trained people all over Europe to hunt vampires and had given them knowledge and insight into their weaknesses and strengths. It was one of those young protege's named Jonathan Harker who was actually able to make his way to Klausenberg before Van Helsing. After he arrived at Dracula's Castle as a guest, though he had knowledge of Dracula and Vampires, Harker was too inexperienced to face a Vampire as powerful and dangerous as Dracula, and, after only a few hours at Dracula's Castle, he was attacked and bitten by Dracula's latest vampire bride. Before she could finish Harker, however, Dracula arrived and dragged her back to her coffin as the sun was about to rise. Harker then spent the next day searching for the Vampire's Coffins, and, just before nightfall, he was able to find them in an old crypt that was outside the castle. Harker then staked Dracula's Bride: the vampire who had bitten him and she aged upon her death. Unfortunately, Dracula had awoken by the time that Harker prepared to stake him. Harker was then subsequently cornered by Dracula, and the inexperienced Vampire Hunter was then subsequently made into one of the undead. When Van Helsing did finally arrive at the Castle, he found Dracula gone and Harker a Vampire who took up terrorizing the town in his master's absence. Van Helsing then quickly slew his former protege and left the town. Dracula sought not just to make Harker pay for killing his bride, but his entire family too. Dracula's desire for vengeance was not because of any affection toward his bride whom he most likely would have discarded anyway, but more to make sure that no one would ever attempt to cross him again like Harker. Dracula soon began to visit Lucy, Harker's Fiancé in the middle of the night and slowly made her into his next Vampire Bride. Van Helsing however, had arrived there first, having originally come to Lucy's house to inform her of her Fiancés death. Van Helsing instantly recognized that Lucy was being attacked by a vampire and hung cloves of Garlic around her bedroom. Unfortunately, Dracula's thrall over Lucy was too great and she soon removed the Garlic, which allowed Dracula to enter and finish her off. After she rose as a Vampire, Lucy would attempt to murder her young niece and her brother, Arthur, Van Helsing however, scared Lucy away with a cross and then staked her with her brother's consent. After that, Dracula would target Arthur's wife, Mina. Keeping his coffin within the Holmwood's Basement, Dracula soon began to visit Mina every night and slowly made her into one of the undead too. Van Helsing was able to work out where Dracula was eventually, after which Dracula fled with Mina back to his castle. Van Helsing and Arthur followed Dracula back to his castle where they stopped Dracula from burying Mina alive. Van Helsing then chased the Vampire deep into his castle and with the sun about to rise, Dracula needed to get back to his coffin, but Van Helsing cornered him. Despite the sun rising outside, Dracula was faced with no option as Van Helsing was now deep into his lair and fought him. After Dracula overpowered Van Helsing with his Vampire strength, Dracula leaned into bite however, he let his guard down and Van Helsing was then able to throw him off. With the two foes facing one another, Van Helsing was eventually able to triumph by tearing the curtains down in the main room that they were fighting in. After Van Helsing caused sunlight to flood the room, Dracula soon began to disintegrate. Dracula then desperately tried to crawl away, but Van Helsing formed a cross out of two candle sticks and forced him back into the sunlight where he crumbled completely into nothing but dust. Upon Dracula's death, Mina returned to normal. Van Helsing had succeeded where so many had failed before and had finally destroyed Dracula, which brought an end to his reign of terror.

Return from the Grave[]

Ten years passed, and Klausenberg was free of Dracula. In those ten years, the villagers would remain in fear of Dracula and were always scared of the possibility of his return. No villager went near Castle Dracula, in fact, they did not even mark it on their maps. At some point, one of Dracula's minions named Klove arrived at his castle. After he gathered Dracula's ashes into a coffin, Klove waited for the right opportunity to resurrect his master for many years. That opportunity came when two young couples Charles and his wife Diana, and Charles's brother Alan and his wife Helen arrived in Klausenberg. Stopping off here on route to their main destination they had no knowledge of either vampires or Dracula. Despite being given a warning by Father Sandor about not going near the castle the foursome would eventually be forced to spend the night there when their Carraige driver abandoned them as he was too scared to drive by the castle during the dark. In the castle they soon met Klove who prepared a meal for them. Acting the perfect host Klove had been waiting for someone a traveler that he could use in a ritual to bring his master back from the dead. Giving the two couples shelter for a day, in the middle of the night he was able to lure one of them Alan downstairs where he brutally murdered him. He then hung Alans body over Dracula's ashes and sliced Alan open. Alans blood flowing over Dracula's remains caused him to come back from the dead after ten years. Needing fresh blood, the newly resurrected Dracula turned his attentions to Helen Alans wife and not only fed off her but turned her into a vampire. Charles and Diana spent the next day searching the castle for Helen and Alan. Just before nightfall Charles found the mutilated remains of his brother in a box, unfortunately by the time he and Diana were about to escape the castle Dracula and the newly Vamped Helen were both awake looking for fresh blood. Dracula brutally beat Charles, throwing him across the room, snapping a sword Charles waved at him with his bare hands, Helen however would reveal their weakness when trying to bite Diana her hand was burned on Diana's cross. Seeing that this could hurt them Charles made a cross out of the two broken pieces of sword and waved it in Dracula's keeping him and Helen away whilst Charles and Diana were able to escape into the countryside. After beating Helen for giving away their weakness Dracula went out into the countryside to resume his reign of terror. Wanting to show the town of Klausenberg that he was back Dracula decided to commit the ultimate act of blasphemy, he brutally killed a young teenage girl and hung her body upside down in the local church. This act of evil would traumatize a young boy who was working in the church and discovered the body so much that he would lose the ability to speak. Charles and Diana were rescued by Father Sandor who took them back to his monastery for safety. Klove would bring Dracula and Helen into the monastery as Dracula had come to see Diana as his possession, though Father Sandor and his monks were able to find and stake Helen, Dracula was able to capture Diana and set off with her back to his castle. Father Sandor and Charles followed them and shot Klove who was carrying Dracula and Diana back through the day. In the following scuffle Dracula's coffin fell out over the frozen lake. Charles then ventured out on to the lake to stake Dracula, but he was too slow and Dracula soon burst out of his coffin and attacked him. Brutally beating Charles Dian told Father Sandor to shoot him, but he told her that it would do no good (as guns cannot kill vampires) still in desperation she shot at Dracula, missing she hit the frozen lake causing it to crack. Water poured out which began to scare Dracula, the father then realizing that running water was a weakness to vampires shot at the ice around his feet, causing water to flow trapping Dracula on the ice that was breaking under his feet. Charles was able to get to safety while, Dracula eventually sunk into the water below where he once again perished.

Desecration of Castle Dracula[]

One whole year would pass before Dracula would live again. During this year no one in Klausenberg would enter their local church. Not only because of what Dracula had done in the church a year ago but also because of the fact that Castle Dracula's shadow covered the church. When Monsignor Ernest Muller arrived in Klausenberg he was angry to see that they were not attending church and decided to purify Castle Dracula. He ventured up there with the help of a local priest and placed a massive cross on the door of castle Dracula. Along the way however the priest that accompanied him fell onto the frozen lake where Dracula's dead body had lain for a whole year. Cracking his head, his blood trickled down into Dracula's mouth where it brought him back from the dead once more. Dracula immediately placed the weak willed priest under his thrall making him his new servant. When Dracula attempted to re enter his castle he was horrified to see a cross on the door, his new minion informed him that it had been the Monsignor that had desecrated his house of evil, and Dracula sought to make him pay. With the priests help the count was able to move his coffin into a local pub. The Monsignor was unaware of what had happened having been separated from the priest when his accident occurred, Dracula would soon make a young waitress into one of his minions and demanded she bring him the Monsignors daughter. When she failed in this task Dracula tortured her and had his priest incinerate her completely. Dracula was eventually able to make his way into the Monsignors daughters bedroom where he began to make her into a vampire, his minion the priest, would later deal a mortal blow to the monsignor who before his death had realized what was going on and informed his daughters boyfriend Paul about what he must do to stop Dracula. Paul, eventually found the priest and threatened him to reveal Dracula's location. Making his way down there Paul staked Dracula whilst her was resting in his coffin. Dracula however, did not die as Paul being an atheist did not perform the final rites and therefore the stake could not destroy him. Enraged Dracula attacked Paul who was barely able to escape, knowing that his lair had been discovered Dracula left taking the Monsignors daughter with him. Arriving back at his castle Dracula had the Monsignors daughter remove the cross from his door where she threw it onto the ground below. Paul soon arrived and attacked Dracula, during the course of their fight both fell over the edge of a cliff, while Paul fell onto the safety of a tree, Dracula fell onto the cross which cut right through him. Impaled as Dracula screamed in agony, his old over the priest broke who now free of Dracula's control performed the last rites this time and Dracula dissolved into nothing but blood.

Quest for Vengeance[]

Dracula's blood which was all that remained of him after his latest death was collected along with his ring and cloak by a businessman named Weller. Months later these items were purchased by a demented Warlock named Courtley and three rich bored men seeking a thrill. After purchasing the blood the four of them went to an old abandoned church where Courtley placed Dracula's dried up blood into four cups he then spilled his own blood into each of the cups causing the blood to become fresh again. Demanding that they all drink the "Masters" blood and not "insult" him the three however refused too after which Courtley dubbing the "spineless fools" drank it. Upon drinking it however, Courtley soon began to suffer unimaginable pain, crawling over the floor in agony he begged the three men to help him but they instead beat him to death. Horrified at what they had done they fled the church and returned to their lives, thinking they had gotten away with it, Dracula's blood would however flow through Courtley's body and cause him to transform into Dracula. Having been reincarnated through Courtley, Dracula vowed that he would avenge Courtley and destroy his killers. Dracula would destroy the most evil of these three men called Hargood first by hypnotizing his daughter Alice [whom Hargood had been in the middle of abusing] into smashing his skull in with a shovel. Dracula would then target the daughter of another one of these men Lucy who he made into a vampire, he would then have Lucy drive a wooden stake through her father's heart. The last of these men Secker actually had knowledge of Vampires and attempted to stop Dracula but before he could he was murdered by his own son who had also been made into a Vampire by Lucy. Secker however left behind a note for Paul Lucy's brother and Alice's boyfriend. This note explained to Paul what Dracula was and how to defeat him and also where he was. Paul headed out to find Dracula and along the way found his sisters dead body floating in a river, as Dracula having grown tired of Lucy ripped her throat out with his teeth. Making his way into the church where Dracula was Paul placed Crosses all over the church trapping Dracula. Though Dracula began to rip the church apart and very nearly killed both Paul and Alice he was still unable to escape and the power of the holy items now filling the church overwhelmed and eventually destroyed Dracula.

Second Reign of Terror[]

Dracula did not stay dead for long, though deceased he was able through will alone to summon a bat to spill blood on his remains, causing him live again. Dracula headed back to his castle in Klausenberg, where he resumed his reign of terror from years before. Just like before every night Dracula would murder one of the young girls in the village, with his new servant also named Klove often hacked their dead bodies to pieces. Eventually after years of this horror the villagers decided to destroy Dracula once and for all. The men of the village formed an angry mob armed with pitchforks and torches and attacked castle Dracula, whilst the women and children stayed behind in a church. The men burned castle Dracula overpowering Klove, they seemingly destroyed the count once again, however when they returned to the village where their wives and children were they soon discovered the awful truth. They had not destroyed Dracula; he had been in the tallest tower of the castle and therefore too high for the flames too reach him. In retaliation for their attempt on his life Dracula sent a swarm of bats to eat the women and children. Every single last one of them had been brutally murdered, after this the Villagers never dared cross Dracula again. Years later a young man named Paul arrived at Klausenberg, having been forced to leave his own village due to his disastrous affair with the mayors daughter. The villagers did not show him any hospitality as they had grown wary of outsiders. With nowhere else to go Paul soon arrived at castle Dracula, there he met the count and his latest Vampire bride who gave him a room to spend the night in. The counts latest Vampire bride attempted to seduce and kill Paul but Dracula intervened. Having grown tired of his bride Dracula brutally stabbed her to death with a silver knife, he then locked Paul in his dungeon where he tortured and eventually impaled him. Paul's brother Simon and his wife Jenny arrived later at Klausenberg to find Paul. Like Paul they were not shown any hospitality by the villagers and ended up in castle Dracula. There Dracula hoped to make Jenny into his new bride but Klove had fallen in love with jenny and helped both her and her husband escape which resulted in Dracula punishing him by whipping his back and then stabbing a burning piece of metal onto his wounds. Eventually Simon went back to the castle to face Dracula leaving Jenny with a local priest. Unfortunately, Dracula sent a bat to mutilate the priests face and chase Jenny back to his castle. In the castle Dracula tried to kill Jenny only for Klove to intervene wielding a silver blade. Klove however, was no match for Dracula who threw him ruthlessly over the top of his castle. Simon then arrived after and threw a massive iron railing into Dracula. Not even remotely harming him Dracula removed the iron railing in triumph, just then however lightning struck the rail Dracula was holding. This caused his entire body to go up in flames, he was completely and utterly incinerated.

Golden Vampires[]

Dracula would be resurrected yet again after this death. Remaining in his castle for years as he had grown bored with his existence eventually however, Dracula would get his desire to torture and kill again when one of his minions Kai visited him. Kai had come from a village in China which had been ruled by Seven very powerful vampires named the golden Vampires. The seven golden Vampires had however since the death of one of their number had gone into hiding Kai asked Dracula to bring them out again as their high priests Kai had enjoyed power when they ruled. At first offended that a mere servant would ask him to grant a favor Dracula soon got the idea to use the seven golden vampires himself, he decided to assume Kais form in order to prevent hunters from tracking him down, after assuming Kai's form he murdered the real Kai and left for China. Ruling over the Six remaining Golden Vampires Dracula and these vampires would terrorize this town for years until Dracula's greatest enemy Van Helsing arrived with a large group of vampire hunters who had arrived specifically to destroy the golden vampires. After all the golden vampires were destroyed and the village freed from their rule Dracula and Van Helsing faced one another again for the first time in years. Dracula beat Van Helsing badly but again Van Helsing was able to destroy Dracula, but thrusting a silver spear into the demons heart. Again, Dracula crumbled into dust before Van Helsing's very eyes.

Final Confrontation with Van Helsing[]

Dracula was resurrected yet again, this time his reign of terror would spread from China through the Carpathian mountains to London. It was in London at Chelsea that Dracula and Van Helsing were to face each other for the last time. Fighting atop a horse and carriage Dracula beat Van Helsing and threw him from the moving carriage. Van Helsing was able to impale Dracula with the wooden carriage wheel ramming it through his heart, Van Helsing then died of his injuries afterward. Dracula's last remaining disciple gathered his ashes and scattered them across the same graveyard that Van Helsing was buried in where he would remain for 100 years.

Return in the Modern Era[]

In 1972, 100 years after his demise, Dracula had finally been brought back to life by the descendant of one of his minions Johnny Alucard. Johnny brought Dracula back from the dead using a powerful black mass ritual because he wanted to become a vampire and gain the "power" of immortality. Upon being resurrected Dracula now only cared about getting revenge on the Van Helsing family. After murdering several of Jessica Van Helsing a descendant of the original Van Helsings friends Dracula did make Johnny a vampire, as a vampire Johnny captured Jessica and brought her to Dracula where Dracula intended to make her into his new Vampire bride as the ultimate revenge on the Van Helsing family. Lorrimer Van Helsing however, grandfather of Jessica and grandson of the original Van Helsing tracked Johnny down and was able to destroy him. Lorrimer later faced Dracula in an old church where the Vampire was about to turn Jessica. The two fought and during the fight Lorrimer was able to stab Dracula with a silver blade, Jessica however still under Dracula's power removed the blade from him, Dracula then chased Lorrimer outside where Lorrimer was able to kill Dracula by throwing holy water in his face burning him he then pushed Dracula into a pit of stakes he had built where he was impaled and slain once more, freeing Jessica from his trance.

Final Revenge and Death[]

Dracula was resurrected one final time. Having lived for years and having been killed many times Dracula had finally grown tired of his miserable existence and decided to end his life permanently. However being a true creature of evil Dracula however wanted to bring down the entire human race with him. He with the aid of his new Vampiric and demonic minions bred a dangerous virus one that would kill all life on the planet. However once again Lorrimer Van Helsing intervened attempting to shoot Dracula with a silver bullet Dracula overpowered him and attempted to make Lorrimer one of the carriers of his disease. Lorrimer however with the aid of his friend was able to escape and destroy all samples of Draculas disease, foiling his plans. Lorrimer would then face Dracula outside where he was able to trick Dracula into walking through a Hawthorn tree, which being a holy item as it provided Christ with his crown of thorns tore his body apart. Lying there wounded, Lorrimer would then finish him off by driving a wooden stake through his heart. Dracula died for the final time.

List of Deaths[]

It is not known for sure how many times Dracula was killed. His first death at Van Helsings hands may not have been his first, though it is known that he was undefeated for at least a century prior to this death.

  • Exposed to sunlight: Dr Van Helsing tore down the curtains in the main hall he and Dracula were fighting in causing the sunlight outside to flood the room. Dracula tried to crawl away to safety, but Van Helsing forced him back into the sunlight with a cross made from two candle sticks, where he crumbled into nothing but ash.
  • Destroyed by running water: Whilst fighting Charles on the ice, Father Sandor shot at the ice around them, not only causing running water to pour out onto Dracula but also causing the ice beneath Dracula to break. Dracula sunk into the water where he was destroyed.
  • Impaled on cross: After fighting with Paul, Dracula fell over the edge of a cliff and landed on a cross which impaled him. The holy power of the cross. as well as his former priest minion performing the last rites killed him, and he dissolved into nothing but blood.
  • Destroyed by holy items in church: With both Paul and Alice having placed crosses around the church they were in, the power of these holy items all shinning on him, it eventually overwhelmed him and he expired.
  • Destroyed by fire: Lightning strikes the iron railing that Dracula is holding, which causes his entire body to go up in flames. He eventually tumbles over the top of his castle in a flaming mess.
  • Stabbed through the heart with a silver spear: After beating Van Helsing, Dracula lunges at Van Helsing to strike the killing blow, only for Van Helsing to hold a silver spear up which pierces his heart, killing him instantly.
  • Staked with carriage wheel: Both Dracula and Van Helsing are fighting atop a moving Horse and carriage, where Dracula is able to throw Van Helsing off of the moving cart, it crashes soon after and Dracula is impaled on the carriage wheel. Before he dies of his injuries Van Helsing is able to thrust the carriage wheel through his heart killing him once again. Dracula would remain dead for 100 years.
  • Impaled in pit full of wooden stakes: After having his face burned with holy water by Lorrimer Van Helsing Dracula falls into a pit of stakes created by Lorrimer, where Lorrimer using a shovel is able to push Dracula onto one of the stakes which goes right through his heart.
  • Staked through the heart after being mutilated by the Hawthorn tree: Lorrimer was able to destroy Dracula for a final time by luring him into a hawthorn tree which tore his entire body apart. Lying there in agony Lorrimer then put him out of his misery by stabbing a wooden stake into his heart.


Dracula was shown to be a brutal and sadistic monster with no compassion or regard for anyone else. He not only took great sadistic glee in killing people, but also in extending their torment as much as possible. Examples of this include flogging and burning his servant Kloves back , making one of his own servants kill himself with a vicious plague, and attempting to bury Mina alive. It was often his own cruelty that was his downfall, as in trying to extend his victims torment rather than just kill them he often gave them opportunities to escape, despite his hypnotic abilities his cruelty was so great that it caused at least two of his servants Klove and Alice to turn on him and try and kill him. However there were two occasions when Dracula was shown to try and avenge his servants deaths and make their killers pay. Both occasions can be attributed to Dracula's extreme vanity however rather than care for his servants, as in both occasions Dracula was more angered at the idea of someone murdering his servant than their deaths. 

Powers and Abilities[]

Dracula had incredible powers. He had superhuman strength greater than any man or other Vampire, advanced healing, durability and was an immortal. He also could shapeshift hypnotize people [with only those with the strongest will being able to resist] and could control any creature of evil such as other vampires, demons and evil humans. Dracula could also climb walls like a spider. Though he could be destroyed by a number of ways including, a wooden stake through the heart (which would only kill him if the last rites were performed), direct sunlight a silver weapon, being completely submerged in running water and holy items. He could also be resurrected if blood were spilt on his remains or if a specific black mass ritual was performed.


Virtually all of Dracula's relationships were hostile, having no care or affection for anyone but himself, coupled with his sadistic nature often meant those who loved and served him, paid a heavy price.

  • The Brides of Dracula: Dracula had no affection for his brides whatsoever. Dracula would often tire of his brides after a very short while and would usually abandon or in some cases destroy them. All of Dracula's brides showed him love and affection but this did nothing to halt Dracula's cruel treatment of them, in fact those who showed him the most affection often received the worst treatment, such as Lucy who had her throat ripped out after telling Dracula how much she loved him, or Helen who was beaten across the room after trying to embrace Dracula. On one occasion one of Dracula's would be brides Alice got the better of him, when after she sought his affection he hit her telling her "I have no further use for you" she threw a cross at him in rage trapping him in the church, where he eventually died. Father Sandor believed that once Dracula sets his sights on a young women he will see them as his possession and pursue them until he has turned them after which he will discard them.
  • Dr Van Helsing: Dr Lawrence Van Helsing was Dracula's greatest enemy, and possibly the first person to destroy Dracula. Dracula despised Van Helsing so much that he would return from the grave to destroy his entire family many times. Van Helsing likewise regarded Dracula as the most evil and despicable creature ever to have existed and chased him through many regions and countries. This rivalry would continue with Lawrence's descendant Lorrimer Van Helsing who faced Dracula many times along with his granddaughter Jessica Van Helsing.
  • Klove: Two men both named Klove served Dracula at different times, it was possible that they were both part of a family that had served Dracula for generations. The first Klove was a very loyal servant gathering Dracula's ashes and actually bringing him back to life, as well as later aiding him in getting places during the day. The second Klove however was more disloyal. He fell in love with one of Dracula's intended victims, he challenged Dracula and actually fought against his cruel master to save the young woman. Interestingly despite fighting against his master this Klove was shown to serve him willingly and did even care about him, such as when the villagers arrived to burn castle Dracula to the ground, Klove desperately tried to protect him and taunted the villagers proudly that their "flames would never reach" his master. Klove did most of Dracula's dirty work including capturing young girls for him to feast on, as well as disposing of their bodies in acid. Unlike Dracula's other servants Klove was also shown to feel guilty for betraying Dracula and allowed himself to be punished feeling that he had "sinned". Still however in the end Klove betrayed Dracula to help the woman he loved and was subsequently killed by Dracula.
  • Johnny Alucard: Johnny Alucard was a descendant of one of Dracula's minions from the 19th century. He brought Dracula back for a reason to gain the power of immortality, and unlike Dracula's other servants talked back to Dracula even at one point demanding the "power" of immortality from Dracula. Dracula was shown to hate Alucard and grow angry at his disobedience, but eventually made him into a vampire after Johnny convinced him too. Had Johnny not been killed by Lorrimer Van Helsing then Dracula would most likely have disposed of Johnny Alucard as he unlike Dracula's other servants he cared more for his own goals and agenda's 


  • Dracula was played by Christopher Lee in Horror of Dracula, Dracula Prince of Darkness, Dracula Has Risen From The Grave, Taste The Blood Of Dracula, Scars Of Dracula, Dracula AD 1972 and The Satanic Rites Of Dracula. In The Legend of the Seven Golden Vampires, Dracula was played by John Forbes Robertson.
  • Dracula was originally going to make another appearance in Kali Devil Brides Of Dracula but the film was never made.
  • Hammer were also going to make a film about Vlad the Impaler the historical figure which Dracula was based on. Hammer considered Christopher Lee, Yul Brynner, Richard Burton, Richard Harris and Alec Guinness for the role of Vlad. The film however after being stuck in development hell for years was finally shelved. Hammer also planned to make Victim of his imagination a film about Bram Stoker, looking at how he created Dracula. Another unmade Dracula project was The Dracula Odyssey which would have been an anthology examining the count from the perspective of his female victims.
  • Christopher Lee's portrayal of Dracula is considered the most iconic after Bela Lugosi's.
  • The Hammer Dracula bears many similarities to the Marvel Dracula. Both are portrayed as the lord of Vampires, both are also shown to die many times only to be resurrected in many different ways, both also fight the Van Helsing Family rather than just Van Helsing, and both also resurface in modern day cities.
  • Dracula does not appear in either The Brides of Dracula or Countess Dracula, but is mentioned in both of them.