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Count Mitter house was a powerful and dangerous vampire that terrorised the town of Stattel. Lover of the witch Anna and the cousin of the vampire Emile. He was played by Robert Tayman.

Fictional character biography[]

Count Mitterhouse lived in a massive castle outside of the town of Stattel. Hated and feared by the townsfolk, his lover an evil Witch named Anna would bring the young girls of the village to him where he would kill them in cold blood. Many Villagers were aware of what he was and what he was doing but still did not dare to cross him. However it was his lover Anna's husband Albert who led the villagers to his castle to bring an end to his reign of terror. During the fight the Vampire killed many of the villagers and nearly killed the Burgemaster until, Albert himself was able to drive a wooden stake right through his heart, before he died the Count cursed the villagers declaring "None of you will live. The town of Stattel will die your children will die, to give me back my life" Anna was then nearly tortured to death by the villagers for colluding with the Count in murdering the children of the village, her husband Albert however stopped the vengeful villagers from killing her. She then fled back into the castle where she was able to drag the counts dead body out to safety before the villagers blew the castle to pieces.

Several years later Anna would return now working with Mitterhouse's cousin Emile and his vampire minions the circus of knights to fulfil the Counts curse. They brought a terrible plague to the town of Stattel which began to cause the entire town to die and also would begin murdering the children of the counts killers. Succedding in killing all but one, eventually the villagers were able to destroy the circus killing both Emile and Anna in the proccess. Unfortunately because the counts curse had more or less been fulfilled he rose from the grave. He immediatly attacked the only surviving child of his killers Alberts daughter Dora, however her boyfriend Anton was finally able to slay the vampire. Anton held a crossbow up to the counts face, the shape of a cross within the crossbow held him at bay and Anton decapitated him with the drawstring of the bow.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • The Counts curse actually worked, all of the children of his killers save Dora and all of his killers died, the town of Stattel also nearly died from the plague, and he returned to life.
  • Played by Robert Tayman.
  • Had two children Heinrich and Helga with Anna who joined the Circus of Knights and helped fulfil the curse, though they were eventually slain.